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Hat Trick Blend - Aroma Roast (Dark Roast)

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If you like rich, dark, big bodied roasts that will stick with you, the Hat Trick Blend is the coffee for you.  It's built on the same contents as our Hartford Espresso Blend but roasted a bit differently than that blend.  We used a technique known as aroma roasting to crank up the smoky, roasty tones on this coffee and think it packs a fun punch.

When you grind this coffee, one sniff and you'll get a good sense of what you're in for.  The smell will coat your nose and fill your senses with a smoky tone that will stay with you.  Brew this up in your drip machine or French press and you'll find a big, thick cup with a tiny bit of a sweet tone.

Make no mistake, this is for you dark roast fans.  Medium or light roast drinkers best steer clear of this coffee.