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Small glass tray, foil glass, leather reverse, Seetusee style

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This flawless vintage foil art glass can be used for a trinket dish or ashtray. The glass is backed with leather in the 'Seetusee' style. Approx. 5 inches long. (Bright silver area may look like a flaw in photos, but is part of artwork, it's silver foil under the glass.) Age approx. 1960s. No makers mark, so am not sure if this is a Seetusee piece from Canada or Mexico. The leather backing is somewhat gold-toned but not very metallic-looking.
History of this technique: 

Seetusee glassware was manufactured in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada in the 1960s. It was inspired by Mexican painting on glass but the process was perfected by George Hill and Foss Giffin. All Seetusee-style pieces are unique as they are hand painted, cured and carefully sealed with a pigskin backing. The Canadian-branded Seetusee has a distinctive finish of golden painted leather that sets them apart from Mexican pieces. The colours are mixed, exciting and vibrant and have stood the test of time. Like many styles of art or craft they have gone through periods of popularity and decline. This piece is beautiful and collectible.