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Chamomile Orange Herbal Tea

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A delicious pairing of two lovely flowers, with bright orange complimenting both. When steeped shortly, the infusion is golden and fragrant with soothing chamomile blossoms, a stomach tonic, and sleep aid. Steep it longer to really get the most out of the orange peel and hibiscus – the liquid becomes more red and succulent, with strong lingering cranberry notes.

Chamomile begins to turn bitter if steeped too long. A squeeze of lemon and a little honey or sugar amplify sweet and sour flavors of hibiscus and orange and also compliment the minty-cool chamomile. Try it iced as a relaxing summer refreshment.

This tea is caffeine free.

Steeping Time: 5 to 7 Minutes

Water Temp: 195 to 212 F