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Bristol Bay Seasoning

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Bristol Bay Seasoning brings in the nutty crunch of sesame and the clean, floral burn of ginger and black pepper. The breezy lift of orange zest kicks in at the end, which then gives way to gentle, herbal basil and cilantro. The salt in this blend plays nicely with the salmon by cutting across its oily flavor and teasing out the brininess in the flesh.

Mix this into a stuffing and bake in flounder or put down a layer of Dijon mustard and turn this into an herb coating for halibut or tuna. This is also good on meats with strong flavor, like mutton or lamb chops. Mix it in some sour cream as a dip.

Ingredients: sea salt, sesame seeds, onion, orange, ginger, lemon, black pepper, cilantro and basil.