Blue Bounty

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Rustic Red Popcorn is beautifully colored by nature with a stronger and better taste than ordinary, boring yellow popcorn. It's hearty, very tender, and naturally a tad salty.  And it won't get stuck in your teeth.
CRUNCHY POPCORN: Hearty and crispy movie snacks popcorn with a robust burst of nutty flavor in every crunchy handful which is a delicious and smart food for snacking
TASTIER AND HEALTHIER: Naturally blue bounty kernels offer a richer taste than standard yellow or white types, settle in for a naturally healthy, low carb treat with a bold, nutty corn flavor.
NON-GMO: Healthy popcorn snack with a fantastic quality product, harvesting comfort for generations from our sustainable family farm to your kitchen
QUALITY AND FLAVOR: Enjoy the consistent quality of our flavorful white popcorn kernels delicious great-tasting, No-fuss hull-less heirloom variety popcorn keeps smiles bright, no toothpicks required because we grow the best popcorn.
SNACK TIME: Pop up a bowl of new memories