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Berwyn Wildflower 100% Raw Honey Muth Bottle

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100% Pure Honey

100% Raw honey, straight from the hive is mother nature's most natural, delicious candy.

Our glass Muth jars are filled with freshly extracted honey, direct from hive to bottle, topped with a cork, and sealed with our beeswax. Our honey comes from one of the 20+ hives at our apiary on our little, urban farm in Maryland.

Besides honey being a great natural sweetener, it has a multitude of benefits that many people don’t know about. Honey is composed primarily of carbohydrates (natural sugars) and water, as well as trace enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.

Raw honey is naturally antibacterial and antifungal; plus it contains antioxidants and pollen allergens which are amazingly beneficial to your health and immune system. 
RAW, local honey is proven to help fight and prevent local allergies. Honey must be raw honey to help with allergies.

Buying honey from a beekeeper is always your best choice.  You are assured the honey is 100% pure golden honey. Our Berwyn Wildflower Honey is the sweetest thing in town!

NO pasteurization, NO additives.  Just raw honey.

A little fun fact: This jar was invented and designed locally in Cincinnati, Ohio by a man named Charles Muth in the late 1800s.  Honey Glow's chief beekeeper, Jeff, was born and raised in Cincinnati also!


16 oz. of 100% pure raw honey!