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A Woman's Song

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A Woman’s Song (paperback, Blue Lake Review, 113 pages), the poetry collection by Diana May-Waldman, brings us poetic reflections on what it is to be a woman in the world today. Her uncensored words are raw and real with her kick to the gut style expressing her passion and a story of survival. May-Waldman writes about the unfortunate challenges in the lives of women: rape, violence, inequality, and dealing with relationships that are often unbalanced. The poems reflect the contradictions of the woman’s song – the hate, the love, the lust, the anguish, the bitterness and, on the other hand, the softness, that are all parts of the full dimensions of being and surviving as a woman. Her emotions are the palate from which the pages of this book are painted. In A Woman’s Song, Diana May-Waldman gives you a clear, direct look into the heart of a woman. With the sharpness of the words and images, this is a book that will disturb, shock you, and bring you to your knees, staring reality in the face. This is a book that will truly move you.